I work in the IT industry and run and cooperate with various companies since 1990. I used multiple tools for business. Business tools are programs, ERP systems, services, including Cloud, and there are so many of them it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. I want to tell you what I use. Remember that sometimes it is a matter of taste, often a recommendation, and sometimes an accident – I always talk about it.

However, we do not live only work. Hence I will post descriptions of solutions that can be successfully used privately. You will find product descriptions that I constantly use, which does not mean every day 😊

I plan to update this site. Please come back here sometimes. To facilitate navigation, I divided it into sections depending on the broadly understood purpose. At the moment, I put the first of them – WWW Solutions. Expect further.

Warning! Some links posted here are so-called affiliate links. Clicking on them costs you nothing, but it can help me maintain this page. If you use a service or tool for business, I will earn a small commission. I think all the recommended items are valuable but don’t buy products only because I’m talking about them. Please read my description, review others, and purchase the ones you are convinced of.

WWW solutions 

rozwiązania hostingowe

How to choose a hosting company? I work in the IT industry for many years. I have tried many such companies. Remember that you need to know which services are essential to you whenever you want such a provider. They are often the basis for another tool for business, such as a website. One of the most important criteria for running it is the page loading speed, which translates into user comfort and top position in Google search results. That’s why I was looking for a company from Poland with modern equipment and open to smaller clients. A friend recommended The Camels to me, I’m happy, and now I recommend it myself.

Narzędzia newsletter

If you’re looking for a solution for sending mailings, probably like me, you searched the web by reading the reviews. I admit that I tried several tools a few years ago. The main barrier was the fee. I have recently been recommended, liked, and use MailerLite because it offers sufficient options for free and quite large at a very affordable price. If you have less than 1,000 subscribers, you can use MailerLite for free. At the same time, remember that registering your site is verified, and at the beginning, you can get a smaller subscription package that can be increased to 500. It works 🙂